Current impacts of global changes on evolution of karst
(based on the Integrated monitoring of model karst geosystems in Bulgaria)

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Work packages

Work package 1: The system of global changes and their regional and local impact on the karst

Work package 2: Global climate change and its regional and local impacts on speleomicroclimate and evolution of karst geosystems

Work package 3: Impacts of global change on karst waters and karst processes

Work package 4: Impacts of global changes on radiological state

Work package 5: Tectonic-seismic monitoring and assessment of seismic hazard

Work package 6: Anthropogenic impacts on karst geosystems

Work package 7: Theoretical models of the impacts of global changes on the evolution of karst

Work package 8: Development of models and policies for sustainable development of karst territories in the context of global changes

Work package 9: Dissemination of project results

Work package 10: Inter-team organization